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One of our clients had an issue with items being received by stores from the DC for click & collect. The problem was the delay from when a customer arrived at store to collect their package as it was taking too long for the store assistant to locate the item. (Based on customer experience / feedback)


The main address label is on top of the box. When boxes arrived at the store for customer collection each box was stacked on top of one another.

Stores receive anything from 50 – 200 boxes per day.

To save space boxes were stacked. When the store assistant went to search for a customers item they would physically have to check every box using the main address label hence the delay.


To provide a bullet cut label where an element of the main label could be removed and placed on the side of the box. When stacked the store assistant can easily check and search for the name / order info without sifting through all the boxes.

The solution was significantly hampered by the fact that the retailer could not easily change the positioning of the printed data on a customers address label as this required a major IT change = cost£££

Problem: bullet cuts tend to be positioned away from the edge of a label due to the issues with tear especially when labels are printed and applied automatically. In this instance the positioning of the text where the ‘ideal’ information was printed was at the very edge of the main label. Traditional cuts to the face material and liner in this area would significantly weaken the material and just snap the backing paper when labels run through the applicator.

We designed a label where the bullet cut section is right to the edge.

Labels run through the automatic applicators without web break.

Stores receive boxes where they can remove the relevant section and place on the side of the box.

When a customer arrives to collect their item, these are found & picked quickly = happy customer.