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We provided a major UK retailer with a solution to greatly reduce the number of POS labels (price point stickers for over-labelling on garment tags). The amount of waste labels being ordered was quite staggering.

This is an amazing print solution which can be utilised by any company who use a large number of labels and variants, as in this instance, where the client uses price point stickers in hundreds of varying shapes and sizes.

From our clients database we created an image library of labels which can be added to quite easily.

We supplied a template that the retailer completed with their requirement. They fill in the template using drop down menus. When we receive their data our system calculates the number of stickers required by store type* in the most economic run.

*stores vary in size and in the range of products merchandised, so the requirement of labels varies significantly. We provide store specific packs of labels, a fully collated pack containing only the labels they require to over-sticker, by product / category type e.g. Menswear / Womenswear etc.