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Digital workflow reduces overall label budget, and lead time, reducing waste and truly harnesses the power of digital print.

With a constantly evolving workflow we worked in partnership with a leading retailer to respond to their needs quicker, with more accuracy and less waste and the elimination of human error where possible.

This particular retail client delivers bulk price point labelling twice a year to their high street stores. Previously, using a conventional print method they would place a large order of labels over several clothing departments from hundreds of stores.

Due to the nature of the traditional print method, single price points were printed on separate sheets e.g. the same label of the same size on one sheet. This inevitably contained a large proportion of waste labels for the store and for the retailer. For example Рa £12.00 price label in a circular shape for a certain store on a sheet; the store might only need 50% of that sheet of labels.

Due to this process orders were often large. We compared one order in the region of 11 million labels! When we analysed their data nearly 60% of the labels ordered were in fact waste labels not needed but printed due to the traditional print method.

The solution: To deliver a Digital workflow working in combination with a laser cutter and vectoriser, where we only printed what the client / stores required. In short this enabled us to provide mixed price points on sheets with labels of different sizes. Significantly reducing waste and cost to our client. Not forgetting the environmental benefit that this process also provides.

From a master data file and a smart development in software we can calculate the most efficient layout of all price points across each order; shape / size and quantity of labels required.  Once printed the vectoriser works in unison with the laser cutter. We print a variable barcode into the waste area of the label material when there is a shape or store change. This is then scanned by the laser cutter, which tells the laser which shape needs to be cut out. Utilising this technology, we can quickly print and cut a full range of self-adhesive labels with various designs, shapes and sorts on a single roll of material and then cut this into separate sheets for separate stores. With a seamless workflow, human intervention at this stage is removed, and the technology accurately does all of the work.

If you would like more information on how we could help you reduce waste, speed up your print orders and get your products or labels to market quicker and more accurately, please do get in touch with LABELefx, we would love to hear from you.