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LABELefx Products

  • Asset labels: (with barcode symbology) and we provide In-house verification of barcodes for data asset labels
  • Business Critical labels: (Operationally critical) where specification, performance and on time delivery are essential to the smooth and efficient running of Warehouse and Logistic operations
  • Digital print: Personalised / Bespoke using the very best and latest in digital technology
  • In-house laser cutting: Deals with complex shapes, & multiple shapes within a range. Incredibly cost efficient compared to conventional metal cutters. The perfect partner to digital print, not only can your designs be unique and personalised but so could your patterns.
  • Durable Labels: for a more demanding application e.g. temperature, environmental conditions.
  • High Impact Labels: (Beautiful & embellished) where image is everything….to include Screen Print / Embossing / Foiling / Texturing
  • A4 Sheets with Integrated labels: typically used by on-line retailers as a customer returns/invoice document
  • Peel & reveal labels: where space is limited, let us offer you the canvass to add that all important additional information
  • Food grade pouches: short run digitally printed, food grade, ideal for product launch, market testing and mock-ups
  • Racking & Shelving labels: For Wide and Narrow aisle locations. With barcode and eye-readable data we can help recommend the ideal label layout & style for your complete installation of warehouse labels. Includes General Warehouse labels & signs
  • RFID Labels, Cards & Tags: NFC (Near field Communication) / HF (High Frequency) / UHF Ultra High Frequency. EAS labels plain or printed – ideal for protecting items like books / cosmetics / non-perishable groceries / hardware & more
  • QR Codes
  • Plain Self-adhesive Labels: Short run or High Volume supplied in Reels (down to 12.7mm core), Sheeted & Fan-fold presentation of labels
  • Tactile Labels
  • Tamper Evident & Security Labels
  • TOTE & TUB labels: Suitable for both Hot (from the mold) & Cold tote application. Adhesive tote labels and non-adhesive slot labels.
  • Thermal Transfer Ribbons

LABELefx Services

No client needs are ever the same. We continually develop our own in-house systems and software to interface with our digital print technologies to provide secure, & robust control of complex data number ranges for multiple designs of labels, where the non-duplication of codes is critical to a customer’s own data management within the infra-structure of their business.

Fulfilment services: Collation & packing with Direct to Store distribution and full POD listing

Print production and Installation services for warehouse racking and location labels.

RFID print solutions: Our RFID print solutions help retailers reduce shrinkage, improve inventory tracking, and inventory accuracy, greatly eliminating out-of-stocks situations.