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LABELefx works with a retailer with a large high street presence.

Each store has their own specific store code.

Each label type is used by the stores to identify a particular handling / returns process with each unique code allowing our client to track and trace the specific group of products moving in and around their retail estate.

Specific Requirements

  • 20+ label kinds where all but 1 are printed with unique store specific barcodes.
  • Essential to control the number range to ensure there is no duplication of barcodes.

Management Workflow

  • Specially written software to manage the number range which in-turn is interfaced with the press software for the print production of labels – absolute minimal human input / reduce human input error
  • Bulk production orders are supported by a process for daily ordering of individual label types in reels required by any store any time throughout the year.
  • From bulk production each store receives a fully collated box of labels specific to them and only of the variants they require.
  • We issue a full POD listing for all orders.